A Scholar's Program for Industry-Oriented Research in Engineering


The A. James Clark School of Engineering of the University of Maryland strives to prepare its students for outstanding careers in engineering. Toward that goal, the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) has created the ASPIRE program, which seeks to broaden the educational experience of undergraduate engineering students through direct involvement in real-world engineering projects. ASPIRE offers students a unique opportunity to venture beyond the classroom through collaboration with engineering faculty and staff on mutually interesting projects with industry relevance. In addition to its intrinsic educational value, ASPIRE gives students a competitive edge when applying for jobs or graduate study.

ASPIRE introduces undergraduates to the discipline and rewards of industrially-oriented engineering projects. Students perform research during the Fall and/or Spring semesters under the guidance of an engineering faculty or staff mentor. ASPIRE awardees receive a scholarship of $1,000 for each semester project. For Summer projects, students receive a scholarship of $3,000 for the summer. All funds are credited to the awardee's university student account. All continuing projects must submit a new application for each semester or summer.

Awardees are required to produce and submit a project report, approved by the mentor, at the end of each semester or summer project. Reports are due on the last day of classes. In addition, ASPIRE scholars are encouraged to present a poster presentation on their project at the campus Undergraduate Research Day event held each April, unless they have graduated prior to that time.

The ASPIRE Award is processed through the campus financial aid office. Please be advised that for students receiving needs-based financial aid, the ASPIRE award may impact that aid. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for further information. Also note that summer awardees are not permitted simultaneously to have a major time commitment to another program, such as REU.

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For best consideration for fall 2024, the application is due by 4 p.m. on September 9, 2024!